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The SmartLinks platform allows you to create QR codes that sit on a swing tag or on top of the label, allowing you to minimise other sections to meet legal compliance, and encourage uses only to cut off if needed ‘below the line’.

As a GS1 UK approved partner SmartLinks also helps companies make the switch to the new GS1 Digital Link standard with a powerful and comprehensive content management system.

Labelling & Care Instructions

Clothing Labels are getting more and more complex, both for the sewn tags and the hang tags, often containing:

  • Branding details
  • Washing symbols
  • Written washing instructions in multiple languages
  • Material details in multiple languages
  • Manufacturing Origin

These sometimes mean that sewn tags extend to multiple tags and are written in harder and harder to read font sizes, all of which frustrates. As a result, users often just cut out tags and losing important information.

Additionally hang tags, are getting longer and more complex, with a mess of brand and material marketing information, which is expensive and ultimately just thrown away by the consumer immediately.

Digital Product Passports

Incoming EU law around textiles in 2026 will insist that all clothing has full traceability and details around its environment impact.

Equally, younger consumers are starting to care about the ethical of companies, and they want to see that directly reflected in the products they buy.

SmartLinks can help you track this information, and report on it directly to the customer on a per product basis.

The kinds of stories that can be told include:


  • The complete materials story from sourcing through to processing and transport, from distance travelled to ethical audits
  • The total carbon footprint from manufacture, sales, usage to recycling
  • The % of materials and packaging that are both mode up from recycling materials and that can be recycled

Track Your Wardrobe

Putting SmartLinks ™ QR Code (or NFC Tags) in your clothing is not just about showing your eco-credentials, it can be all about connecting you with your customers, by keeping product data even after it’s gone from the ecommerce store. From a simple code on Swing Tags or in sewn in labels you could:


  • Create your own wardrobe & fashion edit of owned items or wish lists (deep linking to the existing apps)
  • Recommend to friends – with rewards
  • Find and purchase matching products
  • Give size and fit feedback
  • Resell on your own or other secondary markets

Marketing & Engagement

As of today, many manufacturers and retailers use QR codes to simply create engagement with customers. However often these end up with embarrassing dead links or closed competitions

As well as practical legal information SmartLinks™ can link to all of your current or planned QR code engagements with dynamically updatable data that can connect with:


  • Mobile apps
  • Competitions and games
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Social links and websites
  • Offers, discounts and loyalty

GS1 Approved Partner

Digital Links convert traditional barcodes into dynamic QR Codes, called 2d Barcodes, that not only help you meet EU labelling and Digital-Product-Passport legislation, but signpost your consumers to product specific information, updates and offers. 

GS1 Digital Links can be scanned by machine as well as consumers and can be placed on hang tags or sewn into clothes to:


  • Link to the e-commerce portal for more detailed product information or pull PIM product data. Can be used by staff or customers.

  • Unique multi-brand portals that can mix in manufacture stories, material marketing data and retailer data that could be even geolocated to where the customer scans the code

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