Food & Drink

Prove Anything’s SmartLinks labelling solution has benefits for the food industry bringing new standards to communicate to customers

We create digital portals built around your food and beverage products that engage, inform and connect with your consumers

As a GS1 UK approved partner SmartLinks also helps companies make the switch to the new GS1 Digital Link standard with a powerful and comprehensive content management system.

Product Specific Portals

Product Portals link to dynamic and updatable consumer information for:


  • Origin and provenance stories
  • Ingredients and allergens – with immediate allergy alerts
  • Nutrition and diet information
  • Recipes and cooking instructions
  • Localised and personalised content
  • Commerce links for repurchasing and related products
  • Competitions & engagement
  • Push notifications for alerts, recalls and labelling errors.

Inform & Engage

Bring your products to life by telling the provenance and origin stories of your ingredients and recipes…

Consumers are becoming more interested in what goes into the food and beverages they consume, whether it is for health, ethical, environmental or their religious preferences, your customers are starting to demand and require greater transparency in the supply chain.

Our platform allows you to share this information in a rich toolset of apps that manage and display ingredients, and ingredient provenance, while engaging and adding value with articles and videos that can share the story of environmental and sustainability practices, recipe creation and charitable achievements

    Allergen Highlighting

    Whether it is for ready-to-eat Pre-Packaged for Direct Sale (PPDS) food sold in cafes, or pre-packed food and ingredients in a supermarkets, our Product Tree QR codes provides the right information the customer needs.

    We take the next logical step beyond the ‘Natasha’s Law’ which is to make Allergy information able to: 


    • Immediately alert the customer if a product contains a known allergy they have
    • Present allergy information in and way to meet accessibility requirements (large font, high contrast, screen reader, etc)
    • Partner with 3rd party accessibility tools and apps


    Dynamic Accessibility

    For companies and consumers –language is a big issue. Whether it’s needing to print packaging in multiple languages; or struggling to read critical allergy information in a foreign country, SmartLinks can help.

    When a customer scans a pack we can:


    • Present in multiple styles and formats with language/accessibility options to match customer’s needs
    • Store a customers preferred language and present dietary and allergy information in their own language regardless of the main packaging language

    GS1 Approved Partner

    Digital Links convert traditional barcodes into dynamic QR Codes, called 2d Barcodes, that not only help you meet EU labelling and Digital-Product-Passport legislation, but signpost your consumers to product specific information, updates and offers. 

    This means valuable GTIN/SKU data can be read directly from the code even without internet access, which can include batch and expiry/BBE information directly in the URL.

    Useful for everything from stock and expiry checks, recall information, staff discounts, this can speed up a staff members job or make it easier for them to help a customer

        Connect Today

        We are the first extensible app platform for digitals twins and in the consumer goods market. To find out more about how Smartlinks platform can help build loyalty and increase engagement with your products, while protecting your brand and enabling new channels for commerce and communication, contact us today!