Tesco Trials QR Codes in ‘Second Barcode Revolution’

The retail landscape is constantly evolving, and technology is reshaping how we interact with products. Tesco has announced they will be piloting putting GS1 Digital Link QR codes on its products that give shoppers access to detailed product information in what is being dubbed the “second barcode revolution”.  Read more here.

The Second Barcode Revolution

These GS1 Digital Link QR codes work the same as traditional barcodes at checkout. However, consumers can also scan the codes with their smartphones to access detailed product information such as ingredients and allergens,  recipe ideas and sustainability and recycling information.


SmartLinks: Connect Smarter

SmartLinks is a leader in QR codes and ‘Connected’ technologies, and are approved partners with GS1 for the roll out of this new Digital Link standard. Our platform is designed to enhance the functionality of these Digital Link QR codes further, making the information dynamic and updatable while providing a suite of engagement and customer service tools.

With SmartLinks, retailers can create customised landing pages that provide rich, interactive content beyond basic product details. Imagine scanning a QR code on a food product and accessing recipe ideas, customer reviews, competitions and video tutorials—all in one place.

A Vision for the Future

GS1 UK CEO Anna Godfrey highlighted the potential of QR codes to deliver more powerful ways of working, promising a transformation akin to the original barcode’s impact. Tesco’s adoption of QR codes is a fantastic signal to the rest of the industry that the time is right to start making the switch to this new Digital Link standard from GS1, and SmartLinks has been designed to support retailers in leveraging this technology to its fullest potential.


Connect Today

We are the first extensible app platform for digitals twins and in the consumer goods market. To find out more about how Smartlinks platform can help build loyalty and increase engagement with your products, while protecting your brand and enabling new channels for commerce and communication, contact us today!